If you are owner of a RZhsb useraccount (for students or staff members of HSB) you select the option
"AULIS login with RZhsb account" > Login.
You will then be redirected to a login page of the Rechenzentrum (our HSB Computer Center) which checks your access data.
If you do not remember your HSB password, please contact the Rechenzentrum by e-mail (RZhsb-service@hs-bremen.de).
Important for students:
Send the e-mail with the request for a new password from your e-mail address which you used in CampInO!
Otherwise you cannot be provided with a new password online.
(Screenshot Login-Button)
If you are owner of an AULIS cooperation user account or are a test user, please choose
"AULIS login with cooperation account" > Login.
You log in via the usual fields with "Username" and "Password".
If you do not remember your AULIS password, please contact the MMCC: mmcc@hs-bremen.de
(Screenshot Login-Form)

The new digital semester is just around the corner and if lectures start again next week, AULIS will also be strongly used again.

Important hints for the retake exams
Framework for Retake Exams:
  1. If possible, schedule the retake dates at the edge of lecture times.
  2. Spread the retake dates as broadly as possible over the semester (e.g., not/only a few in the first weeks of start of term).
To be prepared:
  • Date, time, duration of the exam
  • Type of exam
  • A second means of contact during the exam (e-mail, phone number) to communicate about possible technical problems
  • List of all additional tools
  • Rules for toilet breaks
  • Rules in case of interruptions 
Technical instructions for students:
Before the exam, instruct your students to clear the cache of the browser.

  • Browser: preferably Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.
  • Computer/notebook with camera, microphone, and speakers
  • Stable internet connection
  • Student ID card/ passport
  • If applicable, scanner/device for taking pictures (camera, cell phone, etc.) for conducting digital exams on paper

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Aby zalogować się SAML, kliknij na przycisk 'Logowanie'.

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AULIS is part of the central services at Hochschule Bremen. The system is used as platform for access to knowledge resources, educational media and for cooperation online. It supports classroom lectures and e-learning as well. Students and teachers have equal permission rights to design and use their learning environments.

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With questions about AULIS please contact the Media Competence Center (MMCC):
Dr. Ulrike Wilkens, Fon: 0421 5905 5458
Katharina Riebe, Fon: 0421 5905 4780
Ralf-Peter Balke, Fon: 0176 15140212
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